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23 ways to communicate and showcase your skills by Andy Tattersall.

The Digital Academic: Tools & Tips for Research Impact and ECR Employability Social media and digital tools are now a staple of many researcher practices and have brought new dimensions to publishing, finding and organising information, problem solving and results sharing. But what does it really mean to be ‘a digital academic’?

How can you build your online academic profile via social media?

Maybe you don’t think you have time or you don’t know what to do first?

Do hiring committees actually care about your 'digital academic impact'?

To help you identify the must-have technologies and tools for being a modern digital academic and the skills to manage them successfully, and Piirus are hosting an exclusive half-day workshop event. This chapter of the presentation is done by our speaker Andy Tattersall. Andy Tattersall is an Information Specialist at ScHARR, The University of Sheffield. His role is to scan the horizon for opportunities relating to research, teaching and collaboration and maintain networks that support this.

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